VR Research

You have a voice!

What type of VR game / experience do you want to see come out? I want to hear from you! Please fill out the form below with your comments, suggestions e.t.c

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Game Poll (For my next BIG project)

I have a couple game ideas for my next BIG project and I was hoping that you would take a second to answer the poll to the right. If you have any other suggestions which are not on the poll please use the form below to submit. My focus for the next big project is a retro inspired adventure style game. Thanks for taking the time to vote and / or send in your request!

What game would you prefer to see next from me?
Space Quest (Inspired adventure game)
Descent (Inspired May cause major motion sickness)
What's on your mind?

What do YOU want to see on the Quest / VR Headsets? I really want to know. Maybe I can make it happen! As an indie game developer I really want to reach out to you the customer and hear from you all directly. Please fill out the form to the right and I will tally all of the data and create a clearer view on the next course of action to bring you all a great VR game / experience.

VR Game Request / Research