About The Game:

The Adventures Of Jack Jones, is a action / adventure cinematic platformer, where you take control of Jack, a young man on a quest to find his parents. His adventure takes him to an uncharted island in the Philippine Sea. Where he uncovers the dark truth about this mysterious island and it's inhabitants. What perils await our hero?


  • - 2.5D & 3rd person Cinematic Platforming Action.
  • - Fight to survive, Climb, Explore, Puzzle Solve, collect treasure and ancient artifacts!
    - Full Original Soundtrack.
    - Industry professional voice actors / Full spoken dialog.
    - A family friendly rich cartoon cinematic action adventure.
    - Cartoon cutscenes through out.
    - and much more!

Development Discord Server:

*Currently in development.

Are you a publisher?:

I am actively looking for a publisher for this title, to bring it to the PC & console platforms. If interested I would love to hear from you!