High Quality Services

At indie prices!

Gear Worx Productions has been around since 2000, offering it's services to other independent game and educational studios. I offer a wide range of services tailored to suit your needs & budget! Please check out below to learn more!

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Awesome Art!

Animation Services

I offer a wide range of animation services, that will fit any project and budget! In any animation style, cartoon or realistic.  I have a full understanding of animation mechanics, as I have been trained in the principles of advanced character animation, from people at: ILM, Pixar, Bluesky, Dreakworks and more!

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full Body Animation (Game ready cycle / looping animations, with root motion or in-place)
  • Full Facial / Lip Sync Animation (Complete with a full range of emotes & phonemes)
  • Full body Motion Capture now available!
  • And more! Just send me an email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Awesome Art!

3D Services

Do you need custom art for your game or educational projects, websites, or other digital media? Then Gear Worx Productions is for you, I am fast, hardworking and dedicated. I can deliver your custom art within your desired time frame / deadline! All within your budget!

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D Models (Organic / Non Organic)
  • Full Body Rigs (Game ready rigs with high end functionality, setup & ready for animating)
  • Blendshapes (Full body, facial or even objects, whatever you need!)
  • UV Mapping (Maximum use of UV space all non-overlapping layout)
  • Texturing (PBR quality textures for both organic / non organic models)
  • Level / Environment design & construction (Low to High detail designs, optimized and ready to go)

Development / Prototypes

Development Services

Do you have a game concept you would like someone to build or prototype? Does your company need a 3D interactive virtual tour developed. to enhance your website or liven up your presentation? Then Gear Worx Productions is for you, as I offer a wide range or development services.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Game design documents (Detailed game design documents to further enhance your idea or concept)
  • Prototype / Game Development (Concept to completion)
  • Multi / Cross platform development (See below for supported platforms)
  • 3D Interactive Tours (A full & complete interactive 3D world of your choice, I can custom design and develop this to match whatever concept or idea you have)
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, EbGL, Virtual Reality & more!


I will take you step by step through the service process, and make sure that you hit your target budget or LESS, without sacrificing quality or limits on what you need. In short I will make it happen no matter what!


I always research the latest & greatest technologies to bring your project to life. Research is very important before you start any project, and I take pride at the in depth research that I do, no matter how small the project is!


I offer access to your assets or product when you need them, with an online client backup. You can download your assets of product, when and as many times as needed!


As an indie developer myself, I fully understand how tight budgets can be, however if you choose me for your art / animation or development needs, I will make sure you hit your goal within your budget!

Work Experience

I have worked on many amazing titles over the years, not only my own personal game projects but amazing educational games and interactive kiosks, which you can find in museums all over the world, such as: Smithsonian, Wright Brothers, Spy Museum, Fort Henry and more! Below is a short list of some of these very titles:

Wolf Quest (Anniversary Edition out July 25th 2019 On Early Access)

Hold The Fort

Engineering The Wright Way

Putt The Planets

Vilify Me

Traders & Raiders


and many many more!


David Schaller - Eduweb / Wolf Quest

We've been delighted with all the work that Gear Worx Productions has done on many projects. From precise and accurate animal movements to complex human dance moves, they produce lifelike, high-quality work on short deadlines. They're easy to work with and quite serious about getting it "just right." I can recommend GWP without reservation.

Kathy Jenkins - Hot Barrel Entertainment

I came to Steve at Gear Worx Productions, to model, texture, rig & animate three characters. Not only was he affordable, he delivered a high quality product in a short deadline! All animations where lifelike and realistic, it was beyond my expectations! My first stop for any and all future work will be Gear Worx Productions! A++++

Steven Allison Bunnell - Wolf Quest

Gear Worx Productions was a pleasure to work with. Steve analyzed a tricky movement and produced a lifelike, high-quality animation on a short deadline. It was a very helpful to work with an animator who understands the biomechanics of how animals really move.

Mike Davis - Paper Cut Inc.

Gear Worx Productions delivered high quality animation on a short deadline. Steve spared no effort in delivering facial animation of the highest order, and the end result was better than I could have expected. I would have no hesitation in giving GWP a call when I need great animation.