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About Game: 

David Slade Mysteries: Case Files is an episodic VR adventure series set in the gritty dark streets of River Side, where David must solve gruesome and mysterious cases. These cases are told over the course of his career as a homicide detective for the RSPD. David must investigate, gather / document evidence, solve & survive. Are you up to the task?

Features (v2.0+ Complete Redesign):

  • NEW (v2.5) Tactical Training Mode (Beta) Unlimited Random generated levels against NPC AI, Save the hostages and survive!
  • Dark & Mysterious crimes for you to solve.
  • Full spoken dialogue.
  • Full cinematic sound track by renowned composer Michael Gordon Shapiro.
  • Rich & Detailed Environments.
  • Use your forensic tools to examine & collect crucial evidence.
  • Cinematic cut scenes.
  • NEW Inventory & Tools System
  • NEW Hand Physics
  • NEW Climb System
  • NEW Save System
  • NEW Enhanced Visuals
  • NEW Hand models
  • NEW Core Gameplay Mechanics
  • NEW Office Hub 
  • & so much more!

Episode One Release Trailer:

Open Cases: 

Episode One: Apartment 202

David is on his way home when HQ sends him to an apartment complex, as the neighbors have been complaining about strange noises and a pungent odor coming from an apartment on the second floor, room 202. Once David arrives he is faced with the task of solving a crime decades in the making. This new murder puts him in the hot seat and will test his skills as a rookie detective.

V2.5+ - OUT NOW! (See Above) (Oculus Quest / App Lab)

Episode Two: Memories Of The Past

David Slade is a homicide detective, with his own dark & haunting past. When David's sister died 5 years prior, there were many strange circumstances surrounding her death, and too many unanswered questions. Today marks the 5th anniversary of her passing, and as usual he travels to visit his parents at the family farm, each year in this time of remembrance. Along the way David gets into car accident, stranded and injured he seeks help at a near by house. What happened next, he was completely unprepared for.

In Development (Oculus Quest)
* Early access means that with your initial (discounted) purchase you get access to episode one with episode two to follow in a future update. By supporting me with early access it allows me to focus on wrapping episode two and make it bigger, longer e.t.c.

* If you would like to be kept up to date on future episode development, feel free to join me on my Discord server:

Case Files - + Tactical Training Screenshots: