Gore Ball

  • Gore Ball

Hale Galeric, a knight, returns home from the holy crusades only to find his way of life and spiritual beliefs have been turned upside down. A pure evil has swept across the land, killing Hale's wife and daughter in its wake. The people call it The Darkness as the light itself can not escape its clutches. Called upon by the Gods, Hale takes up his sword and pushes fourth to cleanse the land and restore peace to all.

iFanzine.blogspot.com says: "...the game is a blast. Well worth a whirl. 7.5 out of 10"

Appmodo.com says: "Graphics are good with smooth flowing animations. Game sounds are quite amazing from the opening narration right down to its eerie sounds of the night. The combination of both the visual and audio effects suits the game to a tee. Gore Ball for iPhone and iPod Touch comes recommended..."

NoDPad.com says: "A unique novelty to own on your iDevice, Gore Ball demonstrates that fresh ideas are always here for new games. It's enjoyable and fun to play..."


In-game forums & chat* *Wifi connection required to take full advantage of OpenFeint features (No longer supported). Leaderboards and Achievements stored locally if not connected.

  • Bat-n-Ball gameplay with a new twist
  • Fast paced slice-n-dice zombie action
  • Presented in full realtime 3D
  • Selectable camera views
  • Random levels for unlimited gameplay
  • Extensive audio for an immersive experience
  • Difficulty modes, for the weak of heart and the seasoned gamer
  • OpenFeint integration* (No longer supported)
  • Local & Global leaderboards* (No longer supported)
  • Unlockable achievements* (No longer supported)
System Requirements
  • iPhone 1st Gen Or Higher
  • iPad 1st Gen Or Higher (*Through backwards iPhone compatibility.)


Squidgit In The Endless Valley

  • Squidgit In The Endless Valley

Squidgit In The Endless Valley is a family safe endless runner that challenges the reflexes and nerves of the player. How far can you make it? Can you beat you're friends top score? Download it now and find out if you have what it takes to keep on running!

Squidgit is the first in a series of casual games coming from Gear Worx Productions. Be sure to keep and eye out for additional FREE titles soon!

V1.2 Changelog:

Aug 21st 2016 - This version is a completly new & enhanced game with all new features, challanges and HD graphics!


  • Endless Runner
  • Randomly Generated Gameplay
  • Google Play Game Services
  • 100% Family Friendly, suitible for all ages and FREE!
System Requirements

Android Phones / Tablets:

  • Android 4.22 or higher recommended



Developed By - Steve Adamson
3D Art, Animation and all things visual - Steve Adamson
Main Audio Sound FX - Steve Adamson
Additional Audio & Music - Royalty Free Libraries

Download for FREE:
Get it on Google Play


  • AirMail

Coco is trapped in a pit, and a delivery plane is dropping supply crates for the local villagers. Use these crates to get out of the pit. Before Coco gets squished. Sound simple right? WRONG! Download now and give AirMail a try. Help Coco!

This fast paced family safe game was designed for puzzle fans of all ages. Quick pick up and play with challenges for even the most seasoned gamer.

  • Rich Cartoon Graphics
  • 25+ Levels
  • Unlimited Gameplay
  • Increasing Difficulty
  • Call Interruption Save Point
  • 100% Family Safe
System Requirements
  • iPhone 1st Gen Or Higher
  • iPad 1st Gen Or Higher (*Through backwards iPhone compatibility.)

Dirty Dan

  • Dirty Dan

Do you want a straight answer from the man that can give it to you? Then Dirty Dan, from the "I Have Something To Say Series" is what you need. He will cut straight to the point with yes or no answers to your questions? Will you get the answer you want? Dan know's best, but you might not like the answer.

  • Full facial and lip sync animation.
  • Over 40 comical responses.
  • Sunglasses, Cigar, Hat and Clown Nose props.
  • Ask questions and get insulted by the best in the business.
System Requirements
  • iPhone 1st Gen Or Higher
  • iPad 1st Gen Or Higher