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The Complete Animation Toolbox

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26 Jul 2019

I am super pleased to announce that FINALLY "The Complete Animation Toolbox" version 1.0 is finished! This asset is an ever expanding one stop asset to fill all of your animation needs! The best part is you can head over to the "Be Heard" section of the site (top menu) and request individual animations or complete modules (vote using the poll) that you would like to see added in a future update!

The price point will be $49.99 USD at launch and comes with over 230 animations. All additional modules will be available to early adopters / customers, so when it is released be sure to get it at the launch discount, because the bigger the pack the higher the price point. (All be it not too much more)


  • General Locomotion Module (Walking, Running, Jumping, Prone Crawl, Strafing e.t.c)
  • FPS / 3RD Person Shooter Module (Single Handed, Dual Handed, AKIMBO animation sets with Aimed & Not Aimed Versions)
  • Transitions
  • Root Motion
  • Clean / Optimized Mecanim Skeleton
  • 60 fps animation
  • and more!

Also FYI, all existing modules will get updates and upgrades and improvements as well. Meaning they too will expand in size. So it is a really great value.

AKIMBO?!??! WHAT!?!?? Yup you wanted it, so here it is :) Just check out the "Be Heard" section of the site to see what other module requests are available, the pack is gonna be huge!

Also if you already own my "FPS Animation Pack" you can upgrade to this at a discount, why? Because you guys are awesome and I love to support my customers.

Please be aware that this is an animation collection and does NOT come with a controller or setup mecanim controllers, this is something you will need to do as each dev's approach will differ, however it is something I will consider adding in at a later date, another module option?!?

UPDATE:  It is now available here: Buy NOW on the Unity Asset Store.

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