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12 Aug 2019

Mind Trap - Episode One - Nearing completion!

"Moving Into the new house today! Feeling a little uneasy about it."

I have been busting my backside to wrap up episode one and get it in your hands as soon as humanly possible. However I am taking a little extra time to tweak, polish and add to, where I feel it is needed, in order to give you all a well rounded episode in this 4 episode season!

I have been asked "Is Mind Trap Season One, a single story told in 4 episodes?" Nope, each episode is it's own haunting story, with new locations, characters e.t.c, told from start to finish, no annoying cliffhangers here. Season one has 4 stories told in 4 episodes.

Have you ever moved into a house and felt like there was something out of place, something not quite right about it? Play Mind Trap Episode One, coming very VERY soon on Steam Early access. More news very very soon I promise!

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