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Mind Trap - Dev Update 01

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04 Aug 2019

Update 01

After a mini break ( a couple weeks) from Mind Trap's development, I feel rested and ready to roll on the rest of episode one. As of tomorrow (Aug 5th 2019) I am back onto the project fulltime. I am working on the final level for Episode One! So the game will be in your hands very soon! All voice for the game has been recorded and edited. Just working on the final level visuals and puzzles. All in all I am very happy with how the game is shaping up.

What's Next?

After episode one is finished, I will dig into episode two "Turbulence". However with that said I have been working on the model of the airplane for that episode, to change things up a little ;). The external model is finished and UV Mapped ready for textures, which I will tackle after EP01 is finished.

Thanks so much and I can't wait to get this in your hands!

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